How To Renew Namecheap Domain Through Namecheap Control Panel?

All the guys who are facing the problem in finding the exact way to Renew Namecheap Domain Name through its control panel. Namecheap provides something typical control panel which is something different from other domain control panel. You can renew domain very easily, just follow these steps.
1. Sign In to your Namecheap account,
2. Click on MENU and then click on ‘Manage Domains’ section.
3. Click on the Domain Name you wish to renew,
4. In the bottom of left hand side, you will find a link ‘Add More Year To Domain’,
5. Enter the number of years, you want to renew your domain for and then checkout.

Note: If your Namecheap domain is expiring within a month, then you can renew your domain by clicking the ‘Renew Now’ button which is given next to the domain name in the domain list.

How To Renew Namecheap Domain Name

We have attached a video to see this procedure in action. Watch the following video if you have any doubt in the above given steps.

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