How To Change DNS Settings To Update Nameservers in Namecheap Control Panel?

If you have a Domain hosted at Namecheap and want to update nameserver, you have to follow these steps to change DNS settings in order to update Namecheap Nameservers.
1. Sign In to your Namecheap account,
2. Click on the MENU icon (at right top), then click on ‘Manage Domains’ link to open the list of domains you have,
3. Click on the domain name from the list, for which you want to update/change nameservers,
4. From left hand side, click on ‘Transfer DNS to Webhost’ link,
5. Put your nameservers by choosing “Specify Custom DNS Servers ( Your own DNS Servers )” and then enter / save changes.
Process Complete!

Note: It may take upto 24-48 hours for the changes to take effect worldwide (in most cases it take only 10-15 min).Namecheap Domain Hosting Provider

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How To Change/Update Namecheap Nameservers – Video Tutorial?

We are also providing a video to explain the above process in action. The video is brought to you by Namecheap team and we are just sharing it with you as a part of our tutorials.

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